Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Drumstick pencils

I decided to revive Miss Pendragon's Miscellany as a place to file all those things I trip over while surfing. Bold

This morning I was looking to see if I could find anything like these tumblers, which my sister liked very much when she saw them. That whole website is stuffed full of amazing stuff...but you need to be pretty well off to consider shopping there.

In searching for those I found these, and then on the same site, these drumstick pencils. I think they combine everything I am looking for in a gift for a man: they're practical, inexpensive, and have a touch of whimsy which indicates you think they are more than averagely interesting... the sort of person who doesn't simply write things with a pencil, which would be a boring sort of gift, but who may burst into song or percussive music at any moment . Potentially, a rock star.

It is quite a lot to pay for a pair of pencils, £4.95....

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