Thursday, May 19, 2011

Transformer explosions

I was sent a link for transformer explosions in Fort Worth, Texas, which happened a few days ago. The video shows amazing coloured explosions which were attributed to lightning strikes on the power lines somewhere out of shot.

The comments on the video on YouTube draw attention to the orbs/spheres/things which can be seen in the sky at the beginning of the film. Some people questioned the authenticity of the film, but it seems to be borne out by eyewitnesses and news reports around Fort Worth and I see no reason for assuming it is fabricated.

In the comments on the video, some people drew attention to the fact that there had been transformer explosions around the US in the days around the Fort Worth explosions. SheilaAliens has gathered reports of four here.

There are also reports of transformer explosions in Germany, Brazil and Portugal. It made me wonder if this sort of thing is going on all the time and we simply don't notice it, or whether this is a new phenemenon... or maybe tied to the age of the transformers? Seems odd, anyway. I will add to this post as I find more videos of thesame phenomenon.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Help Domenic Johanssen

I'm taking the unusual step of posting the same blog to all my blogs, no matter what their subject.

Domenic Johanssen was a happy child of two loving parents. His parents were taking him to India from Sweden where they had been living, when officials boarded the plane and took Domenic away. People who are told the story cannot believe that Domenic was removed from his parents on such flimsy grounds: the Johanssens were planning to home educate (which was legal in Sweden at that time), they hadn't allowed him to have all the vaccinations, and he had two cavities in his baby teeth.

He has been in the care of the Swedish authorities since then, and repeated attempts to get him back have failed. The separation has adversely affected the health of his mother and father, and the photograps of the child now compared to the child then make it obvious that he is far less happy in the care of the authorities than he was at home.

Th Swedish system seems to be a heartless and inhumane system which ignore human bonding and puts the interests of the family last in any decision. I find it absolutely incomprehensible that a state in a civilised country could be allowed to behave like this.

I don't know what can be done. I have written to judges and officials over the past two years. In a place where home educating seems to be considered abuse, it is very very hard to know how to communicate with these people.

Everyone to whom I have told this story have been suspicious that there must have been another, hidden, reason for taking Domenic away from his parents, but that truly isn't the case. If you can think of a way to publicise, or to put pressure on the Swedish authorities, please, please let me know.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Onward and upwards

I'm struggling with a few things at the moment, and finding it hard to carry on as usual with work and daily life when my head is in such a strange place.

I have been reading a lot, and thinking a lot.  I came across a website which claimed that in 2012 we will all be going to heaven, as God has decided that we need not live and die in the third dimension.  Well, there's a lot of 2012 craziness out there -you don't have to look very far to find people predicting the end of the world this year or next, or ascension or a change in the poles or a three and a half days darkness and Armageddon.

What struck me about the webpage I visited, and with many sites with a spiritual slant, is the idea that the world is intrinsically evil, and that everything in spirit is good.  If one accepts that this is part of God's Plan, and that being on earth is part of the cycle of life, I can't understand how it can be thought to be evil.  There is good and bad and everything in between on earth. 

Most especially for those who believe in reincarnation, the experience of being on earth is apparently a critical part of a soul's development.  It seems to me that value-judgements about people's behaviour become rather cloudy and difficult to judge in those circumstances.  If I am here to learn not to value material things above people, then isn't being robbed of them part of the lesson?  In which case maybe that burglar was doing God's work? 

It's the sort of stuff that starts to turn your head inside out.  It's not wonder I am not sleeping well.  I had a reiki attunement last weekend, but I have been feeling iller and more tired over the past week than for a long time.  Hopefully it is just the healing crisis that was mentioned in the training, and not, say, something serious...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

FBI files reveal "alien craft" incident is real

Newly-released FBI files reveal official government memoranda which mention the recovery of bodies and craft.  So far, only the Sun and the Daily Mail seem to have picked up on the story in the UK.  The Daily Mail link provides a link to the FBI vault.

I'm intrigued to find that it is possible, after all this time, that there may have been a cover-up which concealed the finding of disks and their occupants.  I wonder what else awaits in the FBI files.

Meanwhile, someone has compiled a video of all the most recent UFO and aerial pheomena from the mainstream news reports.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conspiracies, Comets and CMEs

I have always been interested in mysteries, as long as I can remember.  Everything from unsolved crimes to apparently supernatural events, from historical mysteries, to the mysteries of life.  I've always had an open mind - and when I say open, I mean REALLY open.  Not the scientific sort of open mind, which discounts anything that doesn't seem rational before it starts an investigation.

It seems very strange to me, than in an era where quantum physics appears to tell us that something may be where it appears to be, but it may be in several other places too... when the Newtonian laws of physics do not appear to apply to the contents of an atom... and when there is so little known about the dark matter which comprises a large part of the universe, scientists can be so wedded to the idea that there is a version of reality about which they can be sure.  They claim to have an open mind, but it soon becomes obvious, once anyone challenges the status quo, that this isn't true.  In science, as in most other walks of life, there is a strong aversion to risk or to change, and people will vilify someone who breaks rank and tries to establish a new path.  The man who first suggested that BSE could be transmitted from cow to calf was utterly rubbished for a long time, and shut out as a pariah by other scientists, until what he said was demonstrated to be true.

Anyway... I find myself in a middle ground between mainstream scientists on the one side, who appear to me to have only partially open minds until you beat them around the head with incontrovertible evidence, and what I can only describe as the crazies on the other side... people who need no evidence to believe the most outrageous of things, particularly if they involve the government or an elite group of citizens, and a conspiracy.

What I have learned in half a century, is that an open mind may lead you astray, just as a closed one can.  Being open to the idea that UFOs may be visitors from other planets or other solar systems, incorporates a whole encyclopaedia of other stuff, according to the crazy contingent.  Stuff you don't have to bother about if you are determined not to accept the possibility that advanced life exists in other places in the universe.

On the other hand, sometimes, scientific method will not explain something.  Recently the best example I have seen is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  This is a system of tapping on acupuncture points.  No-one who has observed the effects on war veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, some of whom have been ill for decades, could claim that it wasn't stunningly effective in treating the symptoms.  If you disbelieve me, watch this video.

The trouble is, I can see that it may be effective, but no one understands why.  For a scientist, it seems that this is the equivalent of it not working at all.  They want to understand the mechanism at work, in order to agree that it is effective.  And they cannot.  Nor can I, but I can look at the effects of it upon the people who have tried it, and take a decision about whether it is effective.

The crazy contingent see conspiracies everywhere.  People who are respected in their community will speak of a government conspiracy to conceal the existence of UFOs, and to keep us from using their technology for free power, in order to protect the oil market, as though that is a proven and accepted fact.  There has always been a certain turn of the century madness, where people have built up to the end of the world, and this effect seems to have been enhanced by the fact that our turn of the century was also the turn of the millennium. 

I follow a number of groups who have been predicting the end of the world and the return of Nbiru for about five years... and they're still waiting.  There is one group which is convinced that a government-funded project called HAARP (google it) is producing unwanted effects in the environment, including earthquakes.  There is another which predicts the end of the world in 2012 according to the Mayan calender and Hopi prophecy, and another group which says that the date is actually 2011. 

What they have in common is a distinct lack of trust in government, and a conviction that the powers-that-be are in possession of the facts, and are refusing to share those facts with the general public, for good motives (to avoid panic) or bad (control and power over the masses).

Now I do not discount the fact that I do not think that governments share all that they think and do, and that there are different levels of knowledge in government.  I think that to a small extent, that may be necessary.  I do not know if it is actually necessary, because I don't have experience of government, and I do not know that the alternative - being completely open about what is done and why - has ever been tried by any government of a large country.  But I have a suspicion that covert operations of one sort or another may be a necessary part of both national security and police investigation, and therefore that there is a need for a level of secrecy in government.

That doesn't mean that I think that the powerful governments are conspiring to keep me in the dark in general, however.  I have always assumed that most governments are too incompetent to conceal anything of substance from the masses. I don't have the sense that I am being fooled or kept in the dark.  Perhaps I am deluded about that, but I find that Americans in particular have a much stronger sense of there being a conspiracy, than people in the UK do.  I find it hard to believe, and I haven't seen any evidence that convinces me, that the US government are concealing big stuff.

However... from time to time things surface on the internet which do compel me to look again.  Firstly, this film, apparently official film from NASA, shows things which are not immediately explainable.  The people who draw attention to them say that Nasa spends a lot of time cleaning up images to remove anomalies, but if they do, why were these released as they were?  On the other hand, if these pictures are real, why hasn't NASA commented on what can be seen in them?

In the last week to two items have given me pause.  The first is that I began to read things about a newly-discovered comet, Comet Elenin.  This was apparently discovered by a Russian astronomer, in December 2010.  It seems strange that it should be discovered so late, but then looking for a comet, particularly one which is hurtling directly towards the centre of the solar system, is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  It has been estimated that this comet has a orbital period of around 10,000 years, which means that this is the first time in recorded history that is has come close to earth.

Of course, the appearance of this comet, now, has started a lot of speculation about the hopi prophecy that in the end times for the earth, we will see a blue and a red object in the sky.  This may be the blue.  Some people predict that the return of a planet Nbiru will be the red.  The interesting thing is, that some people have calculated that the earth, this comet and the sun were in alignment when the Chilean earthquake happened last year.  Someone asked a question on the Nasa website, asking if the alignment around March 11-15 would cause other catastrophes.  As you can see, the person answering the question was somewhat scathing about the chances of the comet affecting earth at all.  However, youtuber 9Nania predicted that there might be an earthquake or similar disaster, saying that she feared it would occur on March 11, two or three days before the Japan earthquake and tsunami occurred.

There are any number of posts on youtube about Comet Elenin, of varying degrees of craziness.  Just like looking at the effects of EFT, I feel that the fact that this alignment apparently occurred at the same time as two very large earthquakes, should give us pause, and lead to some degree of scientific examination.  I fear, however, that scientists are already so convinced that no connection can be possible, that they will refuse to look at it as a possibility, and most information about the Comet will be promulgated by the crazy element.  There are other alginments due in September and October, and of course, the possibility that there may be other earthquakes and disasters ahead is feeding the speculation on 2012 end of times, or 2011 if the splinter group who believes the date of doom is earlier, are right.

It is claimed in one of the videos about Elenin, that if you key in the location of the comet into google skies, the piece of sky containing the comet comes back blank.  I have not tested that for myself.  I can't think why it would be true if it is.  I don't believe it is a conspiracy to keep the truth from us... but I don't know what it is.

The second event to give me pause, is that someone sent me a link to a soho video of a huge coronal mass ejection, apparently recorded on April 3.  According to the buzz on the internet, this image has been pulled from the NASA soho site, they haven't commented on the CME on and there is effectively a news blackout about the CME.  This is very strange.  I usually rely on SpaceWeather to get information about CMEs.  If the images are real, and they look like Soho images, then why should they be pulled from the NASA site, and why didn't report on it?

The government recently set up a special committee to look at how we can protect our power grid from the sort of event that hit Canada in the late 1980s. There is a daily report from youtuber DrKStrong.

The conspiracy theorists predict disasters and mass panic if the government should publicise the event... but I find that hard to believe.  On the other hand...well I am keeping my open mind open, and looking for a good and reasonable explanation of this alleged blackout.

In the mean time, the advice from the sites which have been predicting the imminent arrival of Planet X for years, is to stock up on food, things you need for survival, and to put them all in a handy grab bag, like the Japanese.  I guess that can't hurt, even if the sort of events they are predicting seem on a cataclysmic scale.  Mind you, to collect all that 9Nania recommends, you're going to need a jolly big bag....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Strange bird, fish and animal deaths reported around the world

There have been a number of reports in the past few days, about bird and fish deaths.  First came word from Arkansas that 5000 red wing blackbirds had suddenly fallen to earth, dead.  Initial reports from the autopsies diagnosed "trauma" as the cause, with a possibility that fireworks at New Year or storms might have caused the deaths.

This was swiftly followed with reports from Louisiana and Kentucky of similar bird deaths in smaller numbers on subsequent days, and then others from Italy and Sweden.

Although these things have been reported sporadically by the media in the UK, I haven't seen much sign that anyone is gathering together or linking the strange occurrences, although there are a large number of bloggers blaming the internet for any connections being postulated.

Following this, 100,000 drum fish are reported dead in Arkansas, not far from the original bird fall.  The odd thing is that nearly all the fish involved are of one type... if this were poison or some environmental disease, you'd expect that different populations might be in the same area and also affected.  Now millions of fish are reported dead in Chesapeake Bay and in New Zealand.  So... I am going to gather links on this page for all those I can find, dating from end of December 2010 to date.

One theory being put forward for the bird deaths is the possibility that there are changes in the earth's magnetism which have affected birds' sense of which way is up.  Another possibility is that the deaths have occurred along geological fault lines and are associated with a possible earthquake or volcanic activity.

Just like the apocalyptic reporting of swine flu in the UK, it is hard to know what is normal and expected every year, and what is out of the ordinary... once you hear about one of these events, you are naturally alert to others, and the journalists must be the same.  It is possible these things are happening all the time and we are simply not aware of them because they aren't well reported.

Beebe, Arkansas: 5000 red-winged blackbirds, December 31/January 1, 2011
Baton Rouge, Louisiana:  500 birds, January 3, 2011
Western Kentucky: 1000? birds, end December, 2010
Falkoping, Sweden: 100 Jackdaws, January 5, 2011
Italy: turtle doves, unknown number, January 5, 2011
Texas, US: blackbirds 100+, January 4, 2011

Ozark, Arkansas: 100,000 drum fish, December 30
Chesapeake Bay: 2,000,000 fih, January 2/3, 2011
Coramandel Beach, New Zealand: 1000s of snapper fish, January 4, 2011
Paranagua, Brazil, 100 tons of fish, January 3, 2011

Thanet, Kent: 40,000 crabs, End December/Beginning January 2011 (probably killed by the cold weather, third year there has been a big die off).

Interesting blogs on the Subject

Greg Laden's blog

Edited January 9, 2011 to add: This article suggests weapons testing may be responsible for the bird deaths.  I'm not sure I agree - seems unlikely that weapons have been tested simultaneously around the world.