Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Links to indigo children

This page is designed to be a continually updated list of indigo children. I'm not sure I understand what is meant by indigo children, actually, so this is a selection of links to pages about unusual children in general.

This is a Russian boy who claims to have lived on Mars.

This is an American girl who is a genius for painting and poetry. I must admit I assumed she must have been brought up in a fundamentalist faily, but it appears that this is not true.

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susan gale said...

all of us are "indigo" as it means someone who is able to link with his/her soul, which, in turn, is connected to all things!

just as some of us can run faster, draw better, or grasp math better, some of us can remember how to link better. All of us can learn, however. It is not a mysterious or new thing as it has been a way of life for almost all non-western cultures for thousands of years...