Friday, October 8, 2010

Alien ship on the Moon?

This story has been attracting some attention, and it's quite intriguing. While the testimony seems completely unbelievable, there is no doubt that there is something odd showing up on images which come from Apollo 15.  The images can be independently verified, which is what makes it interesting.

It appears that high-resolution images show a large object on the surface of the moon which does not look natural or man-made. Whether, as the person quoted in the article has said, there were covert trips to the moon, and whether the videos provided are real or faked, I have no idea.

I find the idea of covert trips to the moon problematical. Surely the thousands of astronomers and radio hams around the world are unlikely to have missed an American/Soviet spacecraft flying to the moon and back?

For some reason that I do not understand, the US seems to have an obsession with conspiracy theories and secret government. Maybe they are right and we aren't being told important things, but I find it hard to believe the claims that people like David Wilcock make, that the government is in possession of technology that would make the use of fossil fuels obsolete etc.

Apparently sane people say insane things all the time... but conversely, apparently insane people - like David Icke for example - don't always get things wrong.

Some of the people on the comments for this site clim that some other images disprove the photographs, but it seems that those were not so detailed because of the resolution. It's intriguing certainly.

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