Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Onward and upwards

I'm struggling with a few things at the moment, and finding it hard to carry on as usual with work and daily life when my head is in such a strange place.

I have been reading a lot, and thinking a lot.  I came across a website which claimed that in 2012 we will all be going to heaven, as God has decided that we need not live and die in the third dimension.  Well, there's a lot of 2012 craziness out there -you don't have to look very far to find people predicting the end of the world this year or next, or ascension or a change in the poles or a three and a half days darkness and Armageddon.

What struck me about the webpage I visited, and with many sites with a spiritual slant, is the idea that the world is intrinsically evil, and that everything in spirit is good.  If one accepts that this is part of God's Plan, and that being on earth is part of the cycle of life, I can't understand how it can be thought to be evil.  There is good and bad and everything in between on earth. 

Most especially for those who believe in reincarnation, the experience of being on earth is apparently a critical part of a soul's development.  It seems to me that value-judgements about people's behaviour become rather cloudy and difficult to judge in those circumstances.  If I am here to learn not to value material things above people, then isn't being robbed of them part of the lesson?  In which case maybe that burglar was doing God's work? 

It's the sort of stuff that starts to turn your head inside out.  It's not wonder I am not sleeping well.  I had a reiki attunement last weekend, but I have been feeling iller and more tired over the past week than for a long time.  Hopefully it is just the healing crisis that was mentioned in the training, and not, say, something serious...

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