Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carlos Diaz UFO contactee film

New film about the experience of Carlos Diaz, UFO contactee, using text to voice and illustrations. It's an interesting story.

The message about the oneness of all is one which is at the heart of most of our religions and spirituality, but one which humanity as a whole has not learned yet. The message which we should be listening to is... to love our neighbours as ourselves. If we did this, we would be unable to produce the sorts of damage that we have wrought on the planet. We are mostly living as though we are living on a planet of infinite resources, with infinite capacity to withstand our abuses. When we do not honour the life of the planet, we kill ourselves, and when we kill each other we prove that we haven't learned to love our neighbours.

It's a simple childlike message, but one which fails to penetrate the bubble we all wear, which is a preoccupation with getting as much as we can of whatever is available. We need to find a way forward which doesn't mean crushing other people in order to achieve our aims... and it's only when we understand the importance of that, that humanity will be ready to progress to the next stage.

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