Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cheap, but not cheerful

There was a furore on SL Exchange yesterday, caused by Anshe Chung's introduction of a few changes on the way that the search works. She was launching her new cut-price range of furniture, and as part owner of SL Exchange thought it was rather a good wheeze to pull all her new items to the top of search.

Several things happened at once: people buying the new 10Lindens range discovered that, contrary to her previous assurances that she would not use Craig Altman's animations full perms, her furniture range contained them full perms, and strangely enough the other sellers on SLX were just a tad peeved that Ms Chung thought it was ok to replace the most popoular items with her bargain basement stuff.

The items were pulled for the perms to be fixed - personally I'd like to know whether her creators of the furniture paid full price for the animations, like the other honest furniture makers in Second Life - and Apotheus calmed the gathering hordes threatening to defect to On Rez, the Sheepish ecommerce rebranding of SLBoutique, by assuring the customers that Ms Chung would no longer come top of every search.

It seems that Ms Chung just found a way to increase the community's dislike of her, managing to offend the creators of Second Life en mass, forgetting that nearly every long-time resident becomes a creator of some sort.

But hey it's all for our own good, as she asserts here, that the new vision of "don't ask the price, it's ten lindens" will be good for us all. I wonder....

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