Thursday, September 6, 2007


Sometimes, you read about an artist, and their life is disappointingly dull, or full of beautiful music and unkind acts. Sometimes, however, an artist rewards one's investigation into their life with rich detail and beliefs consistent with their art. Hundertwasser is a most interesting man, probably more famous for his views and his remedial architecture than for his art.

He believe that people were made sick by uniform environments, and that the secret was to allow people to personalise their windows. His buildings, where every column is different and he used colours and differences to allow people who lived in them to point out their homes, have become tourist attractions in their own right. He called straight lines "the devil's tools".

I thoroughly recommend a study of his life, his thoughts and his creations. I will collect any good links I find for Hundertwasser here.

This is the wikipedia entry for Hundertwasser.

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